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RCMP Badges and Insignia

I'd love to have been able to include examples of each badge but it would have killed anyone with out cable.

Image hosted by Current RCMP Insignia
Image hosted by Each start stands for five years.

Benton Fraser
Benton has been in the RCMP by season three for at least 15 years.
Sharpshooter badges (Worn on left sleeve): Cross pistol badge and a cross rifle badge. Basicaly this means he is a qualified Pistol and Rifle marksman

Fraser does not have a K-9 handler badge.
This from malnpudl on why Fraser would not have his K-9 badge: Police K-9s have to go through extensive training and pass stringent certification tests (which for most agencies must also renewed annually) in order to "work the street". (I used to help a friend of mine train his own and other officer's K-9s; they have to learn to bite women, too.)

Dief, while an admirable companion for Fraser, and not a bad working partner when he chooses to be, is not well suited for the job (in my opinion) and does not behave at all like a police K-9.

Robert Fraser
Robert Fraser has cross pistol crown badge and a cross rifle badge both worn on left sleeve. Bob Fraser is a highly qualified Rifle marksman and a distinguished Pistol Marksman Sadly you can't shoot many people with imaginary guns.

At least 35 years in the service, due to the seven stars on his shelve. I don't have the plot in front of me to check but I believe in the contents of his trunk we see the long service badges for 20, 25, 30 and 25 years. Along with his long service and good conduct medal.
He also has a sergeant badge, which is Three gold chevrons, points down, surmounted by a crown.

Thatcher's a bit harder since we see her in Serge so rarely. She has at least 15 years in the service since she has three stars in Red, white, or Blue, she still on as three as of Mountie on the Bounty.

Having managed to get my dvd player working, I have spotted both the cross pistol badge and the cross rifle badge on her left sleve

Poor Turnbull. He has no stars, so he's been on the force less than five years. He has no other badges.
Edit: From mardahin (And her kick ass Turnbull icon): By the start of season three, Turnbull has one star, so by season 3 he'd been in the service about five years. Also by season three he has his cross pistol marksman badge. So Turnbull isn't as bad a marksman as fanon would lead us to believe.

Information from RCMP Badges and Insignia

If anyone has spotted other badges let me know and I'll try to ID them.

Edit: To add some information from the comments and because I noticed I was quite clear on a few things.

Edit.2: Added the new information on Turnbull's stars and badges. (PS Buck will be up today)
Edit.3: Thatcher badges updated.
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